Remember, Remember………..

Ahead of Bonfire night and other celebratory events that occur at this time of year.  Please take a moment to consider your pets.

Dogs (and cats) can tend to need extra attention during the fireworks period  The loud bangs  and flashes can cause some pets to become very distressed and unsettled.

The following are a couple of quick, simple and easy points to help comfort and reassure your pets during this period:

  • Make sure your pet has somewhere within the house to hide should they want too.  Maybe create a small den out of boxes/blankets where they can retreat to should they wish.
  • Walk your pet during daylight hours.
  • Make sure your pet is securely indoors during periods when fireworks are more likey to go off.
  • When night falls close windows and curtains, maybe put your television/radio on to muffle any sounds and to help distract your pet
  • Never take your pet to a fireworks display
  • Most importantly stay calm and relaxed - remember pets can sense your emotions and will pick up on your anxieties.

Lets not forget small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs etc) on bonfire night

  • Bring hutches into the house, garage or shed.  If this isn’t possible try and turn it around so that it is facing a wall
  • Add extra hay/bedding to allow your pet to burrow and hide itself.

Please remember that animals can be injured by fireworks/firework debris, please make sure you pet stays safe in home.