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Grooming + Trimming

Your grooming session includes bathing and removal of all dead coat, fluff drying and styling to either to breed standard or an individual style of your choice. The services included in our grooming prices are;

  • Hand stripping – the process of pulling the dead hair out of a wiry/rough coat to make room for a new coat to grow. Hand stripping is the most appropriate method of grooming for most terriers and spaniels (amongst others).
  • Scissoring – the removal of hair on certain types of coats/ in sensitive areas on the dog. The double coats on dogs such as Border Collies are designed to keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter, and should not be clipped unless the dog is matted. Scissoring is the best treatment for this type of coat.
  • Cleaning – ears, hygiene areas and eyes are all carefully cleaned.
  • Nails – clipped back to a safe, appropriate length.
  • Hair removal – from sensitive areas including eyes, ears and foot pads.

Dogs are always handled on a one to one basis and their welfare and comfort is our main concern. Time constraints are never an issue and dogs are free to relax and stretch their legs during bathing and grooming. We never rush treatments or dogs and take our time to guarantee we do a thorough job.

Puppies are welcome (and encouraged) to come for free of charge short visits to ensure they are introduced to new experiences and people in a comfortable environment. Checking ears and pads, clipping nails and teaching owners of new puppies how to groom and care for their pets safely is all inclusive for our free puppy visit.

Elderly and nervous dogs are always welcome. Often bad experiences can leave dogs scared or difficult but with gentle handling and TLC this is soon overcome. We are more than happy to spend time providing extra care and attention to dogs that need it at no extra cost.

For all types of dog grooming, call 01509 812170 for Easterfield Pet Grooming today, where your pooch will be thoroughly pampered.